There’s a feeling around here that we’re all working on something special.

  • Meaningful, career-defining stuff.
  • It’s called Pillar.
  • And we’re about to release it into the wild.

Pillar is built on an idea: let’s knock down barriers to life-saving technology.

  • Pillar is like finding a shortcut that beats rush hour traffic.
  • Or a trusted personal assistant that makes your day easier.
  • An extra set of hands.

We’ve heard that not everybody wants all that stuff.

  • That’s okay, but...challenge accepted.
  • Because we’ve talked to plenty of people wearing too many hats, tired of using the business tools of the 90’s, a network of vendors, and a lot of unnecessary elbow grease to make safety happen where they work.

And those people totally need this.

You find joy in solving problems? We do.

  • Problem: the best safety technology is stupid unaffordable.
  • Solution: Pillar
  • We believe that (a) the industry status quo places profit > people and (b) delivering radical value is disruptive.